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Person Centered International Summer Campus

DADA Centro Ricerche per lo Sviluppo del Potenziale Umano di Roma



Learning through Nature

Roma 11-30 June 2012

for children, teenagers and young people,
parents, teachers and educators

from 11th to 30th June 2012 - choosing from one or more weeks - we provide joyful educational activities for children, teenagers and young people from all over the world,
to experience communication and creative learning in a multicultural environment.

Would you like to learn and /or practise English, Italian and other languages in an international context through creative workshops ?

Nowadays children, teens and youths generally suffer from rather complex society model where loneliness, stress, over exposure to digital tools (pc, video games, TV) and high expectations can cause aggressiveness, fears or shyness and other behavioral problems (SDA, DDA, ADHD, diet problems, missing excitement-calm rithm, etc.). We've experienced that providing a natural, affective and respectful environment helps people to get in touch with an inner natural wisdom that rebalances unharmonious behaviour and draws out the inner human potential, problem solving skills, instinctive care, good motivation, academic skills and selfesteem. The joyful Person Centered Campus experience promotes happiness, positive outlook, strength, and the desire to be together and to live in a positive way.
The international environment encourages children and young people to integrate their differences, to have a wilder outlook, and to overcome language and shyness barriers.

Welcome to a wonderful experience-based language workshop!


affective activities with animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, etc.
play with movement to experience body freedom, coordination, balance and strength
communication circles to experience problem solving and a peaceful way of being together
creative workshops to experience expressing ourselves with colours, clay, designing, music, acting, dance, etc. with joy

study/homework time with Brain Gym® to experience a creative and satisfying, enjoyable and easy way to learn
language workshop with Brain Gym® to learn English and other languages in a creative, easy and fun way

The Person Centered International Summer Camp goals are:
1. to grow and to strenghten self-regard, that is self-esteem, self-worth, a positive self-image (positive behaviour)
2. to learn effective communication skills usefull to improve positive relationships and to overcome shyness or aggressiveness and anger - to experience Problem Solving in managing conflicts (anti - bullying education)
3. to appreciate differences and different talents in community
4. to improve English and other languages, also Italian including them in a natural and creative way (useful for people with language disorder too!)
5. to enjoy art and self expression
6. to enjoy the body through movement and games, increasing body and motor skills
7. to increase motivation enjoyng learning in a nice and easy way
8. to experience friendship, joy and freedom in a community

body, nature and friendship experiences ...

activities to experience methods above:
- contact with nature and animals to reduce emotional stress, to encourage peace and basic empathy (expecially useful for children and teens that suffer from fear )
- different kinds of motor experiences, games, art workshops, etc. in large and/or small groups
- learning time (languages, school subjects)
- communication circles

our rules are:
all activities (school subjects included) are a free choice. Participants are free to organize their own activities and games always according with basic Person Centered approach. They are welcome to suggest and to invent!
Saturdays and Sundays are free for visiting Rome or enjoying staying or doing activities with the local host family to go deeper into Italian culture (food, historical sites, traditions, etc.)
Children, teens and young people coming alone can find accomodation by local families taking part in the Campus - accomodation available by local families of other children/teens taking part to the Campus ask for more details
you can find family accomodation in hotels in the area (Mercure Roma West) or in camping by the sea (Roma Ostia) 20 min. from the farm by car

the International Summer Campus is being held at Agricoltura Nuova organic farm located in the beautifull Malafede Natural Reserve - just a few kilometers near EUR borough and Dada Centro Ricerche (Rome).
BIO lunch and snacks are taken on Campus day at the organic farm.
You can reach the farm from Fiumicino (15 minutes by car or taxi) and Ciampino (10 minutes by car or taxi) airports.
From Agricoltura Nuova farm you can reach the central city by car and metro in about 30 minutes.
Dada Centro Ricerche phone numbers are +39 6 64530484 and +39 334 8201702
Please, email us

movement, relaxation and enjoyment are great for learning !

Parents are welcome to participate in the afternoon's circles for parents and children on educational issues. Circles are taken along with the counselling style and facilitated communication. The parents' goals are to develop or improve their ability to deal positively with their children/teen/young people and to be able to enforce rules avoiding conflict, lowering stress and tension. Learning how to help children with schoolwork, promoting their autonomy and avoiding negative dynamics.

Teachers and educators can participate in the Gordon "Effective Teachers" training to improve the teaching style and educational approach, to learn how to positively manage conflict and behavior. They can participate in Brain Gym® training (facilitated learning through movement) and the trainee during the same campus for a complete effective learning.

Teachers of any school grade are welcome to participate in learning and creative workshops with children and teens, in feedback about theory and practical observations during activities. We promote new teaching approaches facilitating learning for all students (including DSA or delay). Teachers' goals are to get an influential teaching style rather than authority, learn to manage personal stress faced with complex situations in the classroom, learn how to enforce rules positively avoiding conflict, effectively manage tension in the classroom, facilitate learning, make lessons more creative and effective, increase collaboration in the class.

fees basic price 200E per week

Parents and teachers can get in touch with the Campus methods through the following basic method's bibliography:

by Thomas Gordon:
"Discipline that works.Promoting self-Discipline in Children"
"Effective parents"

by P.Dennison:
"Brain Gym® and me"

"Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information"

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